The region...

... round Teupitz is called the Schenkenland which is embedded into the county Landkreises Dahme-Spree  (car license number LDS), in the south-east of the federal state Brandenburg.

leisure facilities...

 ... are offered by us and by the region around our house. Never mind the weather conditions.

If the sun is shining, please use our strand for bathing in the park, play bowling in the garden, kids use the playground, rent a boat, or swim, dive, paddle, go fishing...
If it´s raining, amuse yourself with board-games, the table-football, billard or have a sauna or read books from our library.

If you want, check out the environment:
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1 km:
Reiterhof Neuendorf
(riding stable)


7 km:
Freilichtmuseum Germanisches Dorf Klein Köris
(open-air museum)


9 km:
Draisinenbahn Mittenwalde


10 km:
Golfclub Motzen
(golf course)


15 km:
Bücher- und Bunkerstadt Wünsdorf
(the town of books and bunkers)


15 km:
geführte Touren mit Quads und Kanus
(quads and canoes)


15 km:
Die Ursprünge des Funkens in Deutschland
(broadcast museum)


15 km:
Museumsdorf Glashütte in Baruth
(open-air museum)


20 km:
Tropical Islands - Europas größte tropische Urlaubswelt
(holiday paradise in a Zeppelin-hall)


25 km:
Sauna- und Badeparadies "Spreewelten" in Lübbenau
(sauna and bathing paradise)


25 km:


27 km:
Historisch-Technisches Museum Versuchsanstalt Kummersdorf
(historical and technical museum)


35 km:
Bücker-Flugzeugwerke- und Eissegelmuseum
(museum of Bücker airplanes and ice yachting)


35 km:
Hauptstadt Berlin
(the capital)


40 km:
Fläming-Skate, Inliner-Vergnügen auf 200 km


70 km:
Männerspielplatz :-)
(playground for real men)


70 km:
Markt in Polen
(marketplace in Poland)


85 km:
Eurospeedway Lausitzring


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